Standard shapes with Speckled Beige Linen on Cream

As there are endless possibilities in allying designs and colors to shapes, please contact me to discuss your ideas, which can then be commissioned in either vase or lamp form.

Shape Thumbnail.jpg

Lamps will be custom fitted by the Christopher Spitzmiller studios in your choice of five base options: Mahogany, Bleached Oak, Black Lacquer, 23k Gold Leaf, 9k White Gold Leaf (Silver) with a choice of Brass or Nickel hardware.



Recommended cleaning method for lamp bases:  Use of liquids or solvents is not recommended, especially with gilded bases. Wipe the base of the lamp with a soft, dry cloth. The water gilding process used for finishing the bases allows for a patina to develop over time. This is a natural part of the lamp’s life and is an intended effect.